Caring for your shower screen

25 Nov 2018

Shower Screens should be wiped down after every use Squeegee the glass and dry the aluminium frame and hardware to minimise water spots and mineral deposits. This is especially important in areas where water has high mineral content. Avoid Abrasive Materials Use only a damp sponge or soft cloth to...

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Make cleaning your glass a breeze

24 Nov 2018

With this glass corrosion coating and protection system, a shower screen or splashback will stay clear and bright and require up to 90% less cleaning. You can add this glass coating to your glass before or after it is fitted – but we do recommend you consider it prior to...

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What Wardrobe Door is best for you?

23 Nov 2018

Our team at Millennium Glass are experts and can assist you in choosing the best choice for your space, budget and style. You have 3 options for your tracks and frames which are: Softline A standard track/frame to your colour choice. (Available in Vinyl, Mirror, Colour back glass, MDF and...

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How do I know what splashback is right for me?

22 Nov 2018

All our Splashbacks are custom made to measure to the exact mm and are toughened to ensure they will cope with heat and humidity which can be created if placed behind a stove top or kettle. We use the highest quality star fire glass which is a lead free, low...

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